Welcome to Walnut Hills Farm!

In the beautiful rolling hills of middle Tennessee, Walnut Hills Farm is nestled on 50 acres between Gallatin and Hartsville, Lebanon and Westmoreland. Hills are dotted with walnut trees, Limousin cattle, swine and chickens, all raised in a True Free Range – Pastured biodiverse operation.

We specialize in providing local grass fed all-natural, dry-aged beef to individuals and establishments looking for superior quality and flavor at a reasonable price. All beef products are USDA-inspected and certified Natural by the State of Tennessee.

Our grass-fed cattle and chickens flourish on pastures with no herbicides, pesticides, or artificial fertilizers applied.

Cattle are raised with NO added antibiotics and NO added steroids (natural or synthetic). In fact we are certified by the State of Tenessee in the “Natural Beef” program. Their pasture consist of grass and clover fields that in the last 10 years have never had any pesticides, or artificial fertilizers applied.

Calves are finished on a well-rounded diet consisting primarily of grasses, local hay and natural minerals. The beef is dry-aged for 18 to 21 days.

The result is a product you’ll find superior in quality to that of ordinary beef. Because it’s Limousin beef, it’s naturally leaner and healthier than other well-known breeds. Because you know what’s in it, you don’t have to wonder. Enjoy eating beef again!

In 2009 Walnut Hill began pasturing pigs, we began small by obtaining weaned pigs from local farms and raising them on pasture. In 2010 we had our first two pastured litters and in 2011 we had our second generation of pastured pigs. Whats different about pastured pigs? Pigs that have never seen concrete are healthly and require far less human intervention. It allows us to monitor their food intake and assure they have never had any shots or recieved any antibiotics. An additional bonus is that the pigs love all the fallen walnuts in the fall and as a result they help keep the fields and tree lines cleaned up.

New in 2010 and in more consistent supply in 2011 at Walnut Hills farm are our free-range chicken. Birds are raised without added antibiotics or steroids and enjoy unlimited freedom. We utilize French “Label Rouge” pactices. In 2013 we switched breeds from a Red to White meat bird, still maintaining an “organic” practice.  The result are truly delicious chicken full of heart-warming flavor.