All Natural Grass-Fed Beef

Cooking Tips

Grass-fed, dry-aged beef is leaner and contains less water than grocery store beef. Below are a few tips to help preserve flavor and moisture. Feel free to make adjustments based on your individual results and tastes.

Quick Tips for Ground Sirloin

Hamburgers, cooked either on the grill or stovetop, usually require a much lower heat and 30% less cooking time. Add grape seed or olive oil to the pan or apply to the surface of patties if necessary to prevent sticking.

To grill hamburgers, brush with olive oil before and during grilling.

If you wish your hamburgers to be well done, cook on a low heat very slowly.

Quick Tips for Roasts

Traditional roasts prepared in the oven: Marinate overnight. Set temperature 50 degrees lower than called for in most recipes. Add water and boullion and cover to prevent drying. Typically roasts require less time in the oven.

For loin roasts prepared in the oven, best results are achieved using a meat thermometer. Remove a large loin roast at 115 degrees. The internal temp will continue to rise as much as 10 degrees. For best results do not allow internal temp to exceed 125 degrees (medium rare).

Roasts in a slow-cooker: Prepare using the low setting. Add plenty of water and a good quality beef boullion. Cover to prevent drying.

Quick Tips for Steaks

Always allow steaks to reach room temperature before cooking.

Steaks are best prepared in a cast iron skillet, well-preheated on medium until just smoking hot. Add grape seed or olive oil. Add salted steak to hot pan. Sear each side for about 1-2 minutes and remove from skillet.  Do not cook past medium rare.

To grill, preheat grill thoroughly. Sear each side for about 1-2 minutes over hot coals. Do not cook past medium rare.