All Natural Grass-Fed Beef


Beef, pigs and chickens are raised on pastures with no herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilize We administer NO ANTIBIOTICS OR ADDED STEROIDS (natural or synthetic). Beef is dry-aged 21 days for wonderful flavor and was voted Nashville’s Best Beef (Best of Nashville 2009, Nashville Scene).

The results are beef, pork and chicken each having superior flavor and less fat than ordinary fare.

Now you know what’s in it. Enjoy eating meat again! Call us today at 615-374-4575.

Grass Fed Steaks

21 Day Dry Aged – Individually Vacuum Packed

Certified NATURAL (Tennessee Natural Beef Program) Steaks from our herd of grass fed Limousin Cattle. Current inventory has been aged 20 to 23 days and produces a wonderfully tender steak that is full of flavor.

Currently we have the following Select Steaks:

  • Fillets 6-10 ounces
  • Steaks RibEye Steaks 1-1 1/2 Inch thick average weight 14 to 18 ounces.
  • New York Strip Steaks 1-1 1/2 Inch thick average weight 8 to 14 ounces.
  • Top Sirlion Steaks 1-1 1/2 Inch thick average weight 8 to16 ounces.

Local Delivery is any where around Nashville, TN. (50 Miles) or Pickup at the Nashville Farmers Market or direct off the Farm. All Steaks are sold frozen.

We raise Limousin Beef on Tennessee pastures (free pastured) and we finish them on hay for the last 60 days to produce a lean full flavor experience. NO Vaccines, No Antibiotics, No Hormones, No Pesticides, No herbicides. Our Beef is aged 21 days minimum, inspected and Vacuum-Packed for longer shelf life.


Loin Steaks Price Typical Weight
Filets – Cut 1.5 thick $32/lb 6-12 Oz
Rib Eye  and Steaks $21/lb 8-16 Oz
New York Strip Steaks $18/lb 8-16 Oz
Top Sirloin Steaks $13/lb 8-12 Oz
Bone In Steaks (Not always available)
Rib Steaks $21.00/lb 14-20 Oz
PorterHouse Steaks $23.00/lb 18-22 Oz
T-Bone $18.00/lb 14-20 Oz
Specialty Cuts Price Typical Weight
Flank Steak $12.00/lb 1-1.5 lb
Sirloin Tip Steaks $10.00/lb .75-1.25 lb
Skirt Steaks $10.00/lb 0.5 – 1 lb
Eye of Round Steaks $7.25/lb 8-16 oz
Beef Roasts and Other Cuts Price Typical Weight
Sirloin Tip Kabobs $10.50/lb 1-1.5 lb
Sirlion Tip Roasts $10.00/lb 1-3 lb
Chuck Roast (Bone-In) $8.00/lb 2-3 lb
Shoulder Roast (Bone In) $7.00/lb 2-3 lb
Rump Roast $7.00/lb 1-3 lb
Eye of Round Roast $7.00/lb 1-2 lb
Top Round Roast (Not Available) $6.50/lb 1-3 lb
Brisket $7.00/lb 2-3 lb
Stew Meat $8.00/lb 1-1.5 lb
Short Ribs $5.50/lb 0.5-1 lb
Oxtail $6.50/lb 0.5-1 lb
Soup Bones $2.50/lb 1-1.5 lb
Beef Liver Limited amount  $5.00 pkg  1 lb
Marrow or Knuckle Bones $5.00/lb
Ground Beef Price TypicalWeight
Lean Ground Beef (95/5) $7.50 pkg 1 lb
Fatty Ground Beef (80/20) Limited Supply $8.00 pkg 1 lb
Sirloin Patties 95/5 (3 each) $10.00 pkg 1 lb
Bacon Burgers (Beef + Bacon Bits) $8.00 pkg 1 lb
Beef Italian Sausage (Hot or Mild) $8.50 pkg 1 lb
Beef Bratwurst $8.50 pkg 1 lb

 WILD Caught Alaskan Seafood

 Alaskan Seafood Price  Typical Weight
 Coho Salmon Filet  $17.5 lb  1-1.5 lb Filets
 Sockeye Salmon Filet  $17.5 lb  8 oz portions and 1 lb Filets
 Halibut  $28.5 lb  8 oz portions
 Pacific Cod  $15 lb  4 to 6 oz portions


Item Price Typical Weight
Tenderloin $14.00/lb 1 lb – When available
Pork Chops, 3/4 $9.00/lb 1 – 1 1/4 lbs
Pork Kabobs (as available) $7.50/lb 2 lbs
Boston Butt (as available) $8.50/lb 4-5 lbs
Pork Shoulder Roast $7.00/lb 2 – 3 lbs
Pork Ribs $5.50/lb ~1 lb
Limited Quantity Items Price Typical Weight
Thick-Cut Bacon $8.00/pkg. 1 – 1.1 lbs
No-Added Nitrate/Nitrate Bacon $11.00/pkg. 1 – 1.1 lbs
Smoked Sausage $8/pkg. 5 links/1 lb
Breakfast Sausage Links $7/pkg. 1 lb
Pork Chorizo Links $8/pkg. 5 links/1 lb
Pork Sausage Links prices by the pound $7.00 lb
Breakfast Sausage, Hot or Mild $5.50/pkg. 1 lb
Ground Pork $5.50/pkg. 1 lb


Item Price Typical Weight
Whole Chickens 5.00/ lb 2.5 to 5.5 lb
Split Chickens $6.00/lb 1.5 lb
Chicken Breasts (2 per pkg) $11.00/lb 1-1.5 lb
Leg Quarters $5.00/lb 1-1.5 lb
Chicken Backs and Necks $2.50/lb 2 lb
Chicken Livers $6.00/lb 1 lB
Chicken Wings $5.00/lb 1 lb
Chicken Thighs $6.00/lb 1 lb
Chicken Drumsticks $5.00/lb 1 lb